Why can't I find my school / district when I first start the app? We have Aeries!

The unfortunate short answer: your district hasn't switched it on yet

We're very sorry that you went as far as to download the app and couldn't continue, and we understand the frustration. Unfortunately this isn't a problem on our end (if it was, we would fix it), but rather it's a problem with your district's instance of Aeries.

If you can't find your site or can't log in when you first start the app, and you're sure that your student is an Aeries student, chances are your district IT staff still need to enable the app in Aeries and haven't performed the necessary back-end setup.

What you CAN do is contact your district / school site for more information about when the app will be available for you to use, and provide a friendly reminder that the Aeries support staff is ready and waiting to help in any way we can to get the app enabled for you.